Things to Consider When Buying a One Cup Coffee Maker


The original process of making a cup of coffee was considered to be a straightforward process. The only thing to do was add boiled water and ground beans in a pot. After this, the maker had to sit and allow the coffee to brew for several hours. After enough time for brewing had passed, the coffee was made, and they could add the creamer and sweetener. In time, the coffee maker made this process much easier. When buying the best single serve coffee maker, make sure that you take the following things into consideration.

Tips on how to choose a single serve coffee maker

1. Size

3r4t5y6u765The dimensions of the device should be one of the first factors you check. When you just have one two people, then compact coffee maker would be ideal for you. However, you will certainly need a larger one, if you regularly make coffee for more than two people. A few of the units make espresso, for those of you that like a strong brew; it is an all together in one machine. By purchasing such a model, you will have more counter space, but you will also be paying less than an expensive espresso unit. Furthermore, these combined machines handle large quantities of coffee – usually about 8 to 10 cups.

2. Water filter

A water filter will remove iron and chlorine from faucet water, and make coffee taste better. If you are not concerned with the taste of your coffee, then this advantage would not be needed because it will only increase the maintenance and repair cost of the coffee maker in case it breaks.

3. Coffee filter

Instead of sticking to paper filters, you might want to look at coffee makers that have a permanent filter basket. These permanent filters are not only durable but also eco-friendly. Also, permanent filters promote better tasting coffee.

4. Bean grinder and roaster

These benefits are not standard on normal units. However, the grinder roaster combo is included on a lot of the most expensive models. As you can tell by the name, the roasting unit cooks the beans, while the built-in grinder will make sure the beans are finely ground before brewing.

5. Digital controls

A large LCD screen, timer, and clock are not essential to make a cup of coffee. However, these benefits make the maker a lot easier to operate. An Automatic off system is a crucial control for people with bad memories.

Millions of people on this planet regularly partake of coffee. So, there must be a way, with ease and speed to get that morning mug. Many people go out and purchase a cup each day unaware of the fact that making coffee at home saves so much money. Coffee makers make this possible, and a lot of them include so many advantages that you will feel like you are your barista every morning.